With the last episode of Lee Jeans’ “Buddy Lee

With the last episode of Lee Jeans’ “Buddy Lee Guidance Counselor” airing on MTV’s Control Freak last week, we wanted to know, was he a success? The numbers seem positive: Fallon reports that often more people voted on the Buddy Lee vignette than they did for their favorite videos. For example, during one segment there were 1,198 votes for videos and 4,717 total votes for Buddy Lee. “People talk about advertising and say we’re polluting the programming, but this is an example telling you that it’s fitting in pretty well; it’s not imposing on viewers,” says Fallon cd Bruce Bildsten. So what’s next for Buddy Lee? Gcd Dave Damman says some ideas are a short film series or a cell-phone video game. And then there’s his single status. “One idea we entertained is a romantic interest in his life,” Damman says. “So you never know who you might see in People magazine as the new hot couple.”