Las Vegas Spot Falls Flat

NEW YORK What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, as we’ve learned from R&R Partners’ long-running campaign. But I’m beginning to think the “What happens here, stays here” effort is losing some of its kick. It’s not that the work isn’t funny anymore—but maybe we’ve just gotten so used to the premise that Vegas-style shenanigans are beginning to look a little tame. The latest ad in the series, breaking this week, takes place during a skydiving lesson. The students anxiously wait to make their solo jumps while the instructor cracks jokes like, “We only lost three this week.” One nervous woman asks another, “How come you aren’t freaked out right now? This is nuts!” The recent Vegas visitor replies, “Compared to last weekend, this is nothing,” as she jumps from the plane. The comparison is apt and the metaphor enticing; in the end, however, the spot’s promise is more exhilarating than its delivery.