Lang/Durham Gets Tough in Anti-Smoking Effort

Lang/Durham uses soft, monochrome, 1950s-style images to convey a stern message to Connecticut retailers: Sell tobacco products to minors and face a stiff fine.

The poster and collateral campaign, which launches next week, is part of the Tobacco Compliance Project from the state’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. The project aims to discourage the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to youths.

“We’re hitting them in a way that the greatest number of people understand—their wallets,” said agency creative director Jeff Durham.

One poster features a smiling girl in an Eisenhower-era dress and hairdo, a cigarette dangling be tween her fingers. Copy reads, “It’s not cool to sell kids tobacco and it’d be our pleasure to fine you.” The words “cool,” “tobacco” and “pleasure” appear in large, colorful print reminiscent of 1950s ad copy.

Another execution shows a grinning young male wearing an oversized jacket and tie. “You’ll enjoy a nice $500 fine for selling tobacco to minors,” reads the poster text, with the words “enjoy,” “fine” and “tobacco” prominent.

The tagline, “No kids. No kidding,” appears beneath the logo and the word “Nobacco.”

The posters, along with similarly fashioned brochures, will be distributed to about 7,000 convenience stores, drugstores and other retailers statewide, Durham said.

The work is West Hartford, Conn.-based Lang/Durham’s first for the client. The budget is in the six-figure range.