LaNeve Returns To Caddy

Mark R. LaNeve, former head of Volvo USA, rejoined Cadillac Tuesday as general manager of the General Motors luxury division.

LaNeve comes full circle in succeeding Michael J. O’Malley, who left GM earlier April 20 to run the Ford account for J. Walter Thompson. LaNeve served GM between 1981 and 1995, first as brand manager for the Pontiac Bonneville, then in executive sales positions at Cadillac. He was president/CEO at Ford Motor Co.’s Volvo Cars of North America for the last three years.

LaNeve rejoins Cadillac during a massive design and image overhaul prompted by declining market share, mostly to European and Japanese imports, and an aging customer base. Futuristic concept cars such as the Vizon and Evoq — a kind of “Blade Runner” luxury — herald Cadillac’s move away from designs that have defined it for decades. The initial rebranding began with a TV ad spot during the Super Bowl last January.

Beginning early next year Cadillac intends to launch a series of new products, starting with the Escalade EXT sport-utility vehicle, CTS entry-level luxury sedan, and the high-performance Roadster in 2003.