Lakers Beat Heat…in Social Media

Heat tops league in fan engagement

The Miami Heat can’t win anything. OK, the NBA Finals are far from over, with the Oklahoma City Thunder only leading the Heat one game to none, but the LeBrons have already come in runner-up as the league’s second-best social media team, according to social media benchmarking company Unmetric. What team took the top spot? The Los Angeles Lakers, who scored a 70 versus the Heat’s 65 on Unmetric’s scale, which claims to weighs 24 different data points regarding a team’s Facebook and Twitter presences.

While the Heat’s overall score is only second-best, they beat out all comers in fan engagement, which is based on the number of likes, comments, shares and projected impressions each team’s Facebook post receives. In that arena, the Heat notched a 77 versus the Lakers’ 51. When it came to the percentage of fans who like, comment or share, the Heat tied with that other L.A. team, the Clippers, at 7.7 percent; the Thunder followed at 4.0 percent, and the Lakers trailed at 2.1 percent.

But while the Heat and Thunder are known to be among the fastest teams in the league, they’re a bit sluggish when it comes to Twitter. In fact, the Thunder averaged two hours and 39 minutes in terms of the average amount of time it takes to respond to followers on Twitter. Meanwhile the old-timey San Antonio Spurs averaged 10 minutes, and the Denver Nuggets topped all playoff teams with five-minute average response time.

Unmetric also took a look at teams’ social content strategies. While posts about game results garnered a 74 engagement score versus the 41 awarded news about a franchise, 26 percent of a team’s posts fit in the latter category while game results only account for half that at 13 percent.

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