Laidlaw Print Touts Water & Fire

BOSTON The Laidlaw Group is breaking its first major image campaign for Water & Fire, a designer and importer of upscale European kitchen and bath furniture and accessories.

Print ads by the Boston shop are based on actual stories of Water & Fire clients. “The story of a kitchen inspired by a yacht” is the headline of one execution that pictures an ultramodern, high-end kitchen in a Manchester, Mass., home. Text begins: “Not long ago, a couple walked into the Water & Fire Design Center and told us they had a vision, and they wanted us to make it a reality. In loving detail, they described a stunning 84-foot yacht, the kind that immediately grabs your attention … Every day, after exploring yet another Caribbean island, they would find themselves below deck, basking in the luminous glow and comfort of the yacht’s hand-polished, high-gloss mahogany interior. Wouldn’t it be nice, they thought, if they could take this beauty home with them?”

Another ad tells the story of a kitchen in a Tudor-style house in Chestnut Hill, Mass., inspired by a fireplace in a historic 18th century hotel in the French countryside.

Ads close with the tagline, “Inspired European kitchens and baths.” The work will run in Boston Magazine and other regional home, garden and achitectural publications.

Cindy Laidlaw served as creative director. Jeff Feingold wrote the copy, teaming with art director Shawn Scott.

Laidlaw added the Water & Fire account in October. Previously, the shop created ads promoting a December event that featured well-known chefs cooking at the client’s showroom in Newton, Mass.

Laidlaw is developing a luxury marketing niche, having also worked for Rangine’s Rakks, a supplier of high-end shelving, and Equinect, which produces seminars for horse-riding enthusiasts.