Lady Luck In Casino TV

Ackerman McQueen in Irving, Texas, takes a humorous slant on sleazy lawyers, beauty pageant tushes and cannibalism in an upcoming campaign for new client Cherokee Casinos of Tahlequah, Okla.
“We were challenged out here in Dallas to shake things up [creatively], and that’s precisely what we’re doing,” said office managing director and senior vice president David Lipson, who was appointed to his post last July by agency chief Angus McQueen.
Highlighting the work are three 30-second spots with vignettes honing in on the campaign’s tag, “Feeling lucky?” All ads will air in Oklahoma and Arkansas, where the client operates two of its three casinos.
In one spot, a man sits alone in his office when a tour bus stops short in front of his window. The man grins ear-to-ear as dozens of hurt passengers grab their necks, as a shot of his storefront reveals he is a personal injury lawyer.
Another ad shows a plain-Jane beauty contestant, Miss Northside, worried over her chances against a buxom opponent. Miss Southside grants her a condescending compliment before heading onstage–with the back of her dress hiked over her bottom. Suddenly, the former smirks with newfound confidence.
A third spot has a plane-crash survivor asking his knife-sharpening comrade whether they should hunt a rabbit for food. “No,” the bearded man says, before his menacing stare suddenly lightens. “I’m a vegetarian,” he tells the relieved kid.
The ads were directed by freelancer John Adams, formerly of DDB Needham Dallas. Radio, outdoor and print executions will support.