L.A. Woman … Or Man?

How do you get a woman to look like a man urinating while standing up? Special effects. Why would you want to? Ask DDB L.A. art director Feh Tarty.

For a movie-theater spot promoting the Los Angeles Film Festival, a man and his date return to her apartment. While the man pours a drink, his companion is seen in the bathroom, skirt yanked up and standing over the toilet. Afterward, she climbs on his lap and kisses him. Meanwhile, another man in the living room munches popcorn, riveted by the drama before him. The ad illustrates the theme, “Everyone likes to watch.”

Tarty’s participation went beyond art direction. He videotaped himself peeing, then digitally added the stream between the actress’s legs.

Forty “real transvestites” auditioned for the part, but were deemed “too flamboyant, or you knew right away they were guys in drag,” Tarty says. Did the team feel an actor might be more comfortable with a real woman? “Are you kidding?” Tarty responds. “It’s not hard to find a guy in L.A. who will kiss a beautiful transvestite.”

Scott Ceomin of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defa-mation says the organization had no gripes with the film-fest spot. “There is always concern when transgendered people are portrayed as trying to deceive others,” he says. “But this ad makes people think, which is what movies are supposed to do.”