‘La Palma’ Gets Focus in New Tinsley Ads

ATLANTA Tinsley Advertising said it has launched an ad campaign for the Palm Beach Post that promotes the local newspaper’s new Spanish-language weekly publication.

The campaign includes print, outdoor, radio and TV ads that focus on the Post‘s complimentary subscriptions for La Palma, according to the Miami shop. The paper had been available for free at newsstands in South Florida.

Both print and TV work features a globe that shows Latin America resting in the shadow of a palm tree. The tagline, “The shadow of the palm tree covers it all,” appears in the ads. The paper has gained more than 3,000 new subscribers since the campaign launched earlier this month, according to Tinsley.

La Palma is a newsweekly, published in conjunction with the Palm Beach Post. The publication covers Southeastern regional news and includes articles about Latin American and international affairs, the client said.

Print ads and broadcast spots are running in local English- and Spanish-language media outlets, the shop said. Spending was not disclosed.