This L.A. Shop Helps Brands Create Marketing Strategies With Designs to Match

It's worked for Mr. Clean, Coffee-mate and others


Who President Chris Lowery and founder and ecd Margo Chase

What Design and brand consultancy

Where New York and Los Angeles

Chase Design Group knows how to make something pretty—they're designers after all—but they like to do more than that. "We deliver design solutions within a strategy-driven framework and that isn't typical," said Margo Chase, who founded the shop 30 years ago and is now its executive creative director. For one, this brand consultancy works closely with clients to formulate their marketing strategies. As it turns out, that's something brands like Mr. Clean, Swiffer and Always are interested in. Chase, which has 35 employees, recently worked with Nestlé's Coffee-mate brand to create packaging designs featuring various Star Wars characters. "Not only did we do the development of the core artwork, but we worked on the strategy to figure out which characters went with which flavors," said president Chris Lowery. "We're able to bring this cross-pollination of experiences from these different worlds into our work in a way that much of our competition—they tend to focus on just CPG—is not."

This story first appeared in the April 25, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.

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