KSL Media Revamps in the West

Amid a flurry of personnel moves, KSL Media has moved to a two-headed management approach at each of its three California offices with the aim of giving them greater autonomy.

The company’s offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco have each installed two-person teams at the top. In addition, a separate management tandem in L.A. will oversee the entire Western operation.

Hank Cohen, KSL’s president of West Coast operations, said the dynamic duo approach to leadership will encourage independence and “maximize our strengths internally.”

“All decisions and directions will be in [co-leaders’] hands and each [office] will be expected to be a profit center on [its] own,” said Cohen, who will share overall management duties with Leslie Poliak.

Heading the Sacramento office will be vps/managing partners Patricia Hoffman and Stephen Smith. The office was opened last year to service local creative shop Glass Mc Clure [Adweek, Dec. 18], but has since picked up several pieces of business independent of that alliance. Most notably, it landed the El Dorado Hotel in Reno, Nev.

Hoffman and Smith both joined KSL from Glass McClure’s previous media partner, Initiative Media North America.

Also elevated in the agency’s restructuring are Cindy Borges and Fran McCreary, who become svps/managing partners in L.A.

In San Francisco, Barbara Verhoef joins KSL as svp/managing partner from Winkler Advertising, where she served as vp/media director.

Teaming with Verhoef is svp/managing partner Lois Tooker, another veteran Bay Area media executive, who joined KSL’s Northern California outpost last summer as associate media director.

The San Francisco office recently formed a partnership with Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West to handle media.

In total, the True North-owned media company’s Western operation claims $150 million-plus in billings.