K&S Wraps JFax.com’s Tech Message in Humor

Kalis & Savage Advertising relies on humor to promote one of its newest clients, JFax.com. The campaign will absorb part of the client’s estimated $20 million annual ad budget.
The client, an Internet-based messaging and communications service provider, is portrayed as the savior for lost communications in the agency’s first print effort.
One ad features a view underneath a conference table showing three pairs of legs. The people on each side are in business attire, but the woman in the middle is wearing thong shoes with daisies. The headline reads, “She got the voicemail telling her the meeting was moved. She didn’t get the fax that told her to dress corporate.”
“Humor is always really powerful and gets people’s attention,” said George Savage, president of K&S, Pacific Palisades, Calif. “[JFax] has a complicated message, and we need to keep people engaged.”
Another print execution reads, “She got the voicemail telling her the meeting was at 9. She missed the e-mail telling her to make the charts.” Below is a woman holding a poorly drawn chart.
Additional copy describes the services the Los Angeles-based company provides, such as “one convenient number for all your faxes and voice messages,” which users can access over a phone line or via e-mail.
The print effort runs in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and in various trade publications through the end of the year. Radio ads, also created by K&S, support the print effort in major markets. InterActive Agency, Santa Monica, Calif., is handling online advertising for the client.
K&S won the JFax.com business in July after a review of Southern California shops.