Kraft Spared Doctors’ Lawsuit

NEW YORK A group of doctors that has sued several dairy product marketers alleging their weight-loss claims are untrue said it has dropped Kraft Foods from the suit.

Kraft is no longer running ads claiming that the consumption of dairy foods can help with weight loss, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Thus, the PCRM has dropped Kraft from the suit.

The PCRM sued Kraft, General Mills, Dannon, McNeil Nutritionals and Lifeway Foods in two linked suits in late June, claiming all of them had advertised that eating dairy products could make consumers slimmer [“Dairy Marketers’ Claims Curdled,”, June 28].

The PCRM believes there is little evidence to back this claim.

Calls to Kraft were not immediately returned.

The suits were filed in Alexandria, Va., Circuit Court.