Knights at the Table

}What is the WPP magic that enticed Irish rock star Sir Bob Geldof to join Red Cell’s eclectic network of revolutionaries, luminaries and communicators?

With Sir Martin Sorrell almost at his side, Sir Bob, tongue in cheek, revealed all at the London launch revels: “I’ve known Martin and Eric [Salama] for some time, unfortunately,” he said. “We’ve spent a large amount of our time seeming to shout at each other—Martin in Mexico, where he has been bitten by large ants and rained on in his Penthouse suite, and Eric at the Club Med in Thailand, when he’s busily exchanging beads and I’m trying to get his attention.

“The way I see it,” he said of Red Cell, “is a getting together with some very smart people, probably in the Business Club in Berkeley Square, getting happily drunk over a large meal Martin will happily pay for. … Eric talked me into going to see Luca [Linder], who started telling me we’d be meeting some of the brightest people, real idea hamsters who cannot stop the promiscuous rotation of ideas. It’ll be exhausting, but we’ll get drunk, and there’ll be free cars, and that’s why I’m here tonight!” JANIS CHRISTIE/PHOTO DISC