the kids are alright

Note to parents: Remember to give your kids an extra hug on Aug. 7.

As it happens, the day has been designated National KidsDay. To promote the occasion, DDB’s Los Angeles office created a pro-bono TV spot for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, one of the day’s organizers, with the tagline, “National KidsDay. How will you spend it?” According to Mark Monteiro, exec utive creative director at DDB, the point is to cajole parents into spending more quality time with their children.

“It does not mean that parents should neglect their children the other 364 days of the year,” Monteiro notes.

The ad has a little boy counting the coins from his smashed piggy bank and dumping the change in front of his father, who is busy typing on a computer. The sad-eyed kid asks, “Is this enough to have a good time?”

Aside from inflicting guilt on neglectful parents, Monteiro says there is a bigger agenda. “Not many people are aware this holiday exists, because it has not been made official. [BGCA is] hoping the ad will attract enough attention to make this an official holiday,” he said.