Kids’ Ambitions, Terrestrial and Otherwise

Kids have a broader horizon than you might expect, judging from a Harris Interactive poll (summarized in the research firm’s Trends & Tudes newsletter) that asked about their personal ambitions.

More than half the kids (54 percent) said they’d like to “travel the world,” and nearly as many (46 percent) said they’d like to “speak another language.” Some kids even harbor more-than-global dreams: 24 percent would like to go to Mars someday (though perhaps, in some cases, not soon enough to suit their parents).

Forty percent would like to “invent something,” matching the number who’d like to “see a rainforest.” Many fewer said they’d someday like to backpack or ride a bike across country (11 percent). Athletic ambitions also ranked low, with 9 percent saying they’d like to “run a marathon” and 6 percent wishing to “finish a triathlon.” Physical thrills have a limited constituency: Eighteen percent said they’d like to bungee jump and 16 percent would like to go skydiving.