Kia “Cabin”

Just in time for Friday the 13th, a Canadian ad for Kia spoofs the classic horror flick, only here the masked murderer is so distracted by the new Soul that he completely ignores the prey he is hunting. The spot, part of a cinematic campaign from Publicis dubbed “Peer into a Soul,” opens on a girl pajama party inside a remote cabin in the woods. Toenails are polished, hair is brushed and music enjoyed, as the heavy breathing and foot steps of the villain approaches the cabin and anticipation builds. But when we next see our masked man, it is daylight, birds are chirping and his face is against the Soul’s window, where he has presumably been captivated all night. Other spots build intrigue for the new model with gangsters who lose their hostage and a man who forgets to rescue a friend who has fallen into a well. The unsettling teasers, especially this one that just showed the close-up of the sinister man from inside the window of the car, were unusual enough to create curiosity, but now that the spots have filled in the blanks, will consumers appreciate the follow-up or find them “soul”-less?  The last soul I’d want to peer into is that of a mobster, murderer or deserter. But it does makes for good film. –Eleftheria Parpis