KHJ Invites Commerce to Bay State

BOSTON Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hopes to attract more jobs and businesses to the state with a $1 million print campaign via independent shop Kelley Habib John Integrated Marketing.

One print execution has the headline, “Keep your R&D close. And your manufacturing even closer.” A businessman is pictured talking on the phone, while the copy reads, “Biopharmaceutical companies everywhere are making a breakthrough discovery—Massachusetts is more than the epicenter of biopharmaceutical R&D; it’s the best place in the world to build a manufacturing facility as well. Our cost of living and manufacturing and labor costs are as low as, if not lower than, most other states in America. And, with manufacturing a short drive from your R&D, your technology and time-to-market costs are significantly lower.”

The ad concludes, “It’s the best of all worlds, featuring a vibrant life sciences community, a welcome business environment, and a competitive tax structure.” The ad carries the tagline, “It’s all here.”

Breaking this week, the effort focuses on drawing biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, plastics and defense companies to the area. The media buy includes The Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, The Washington Post and various trade publications.

The Boston-based agency for five years has worked for the state’s econonmic development office.