Kenwood Merges Car, Home Stereo Ad Strategies

Sagon-Phior Group is banking on one product-focused print ad campaign to drive interest in two separate target markets for two distinct product lines from home and car audio company Kenwood. Billings were not disclosed.

Previously, Kenwood has used separate ad strategies to appeal to its car stereo audience (18-24-year-old males) and its more upscale home entertainment market (adults 35 and older). By aiming a sole strategy at the two, Kenwood hopes to re-establish its brand name while getting more bang out of its advertising buck.

Shying away from the cluttered print ads favored by many of its rivals, the Long Beach, Calif., client is crediting its younger consumers with intelligence and purchasing savvy in the new campaign. The resulting clean, product-driven ads can reach both target markets, said Rio Phior, executive creative director at Sagon-Phior in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

“The one thing everyone wants to know, regardless of their demographics, is what’s new in the market. The ads are product-driven and Kenwood technology is the focus,” Phior said.

The ads are designed to be a solid foundation for a campaign touting Kenwood’s new upscale audio line, which includes CD and DVD players. Kenwood is counting on the work to get people to the point of sale, where they can experience the technology firsthand, said Sally House, client ad and promotions manager.

One ad for the new D Mask+ removable and self-hiding car stereo faceplate appears to be unzipping itself to reveal the product. The headline reads: “Whether you hide it or take it out, your unit will cause jealousy.” The ad is directed at Kenwood’s younger, car stereo audience, but its clean backdrop and edgy headline is the same strategy that will be used to target the more affluent 35+ home audio consumer.

The ads will run through next spring in magazines ranging from The Source to Home Consumer.