Kelliher Samets Volk Breaks Bombardier Work

The latest ads by Kelliher Samets Volk for Bombardier Capital introduce the tagline, “Something tells us you’re ready to buy a plane.”

Bombardier Capital, a Colchester, Vt., branch of Canadian company Bombardier, specializes in lending money to people and businesses, mostly for leisure and recreation products. KSV works with the aircraft financing division.

The first of three print ads will break in aircraft trade publications this week. The next two will break in August and September. Spending is in the mid six figures.

The first execution shows a photograph of a stately home with an air traffic control tower on the roof. Partial copy reads, “You’ve decided to buy a plane. But you need the financing to get your deal, and your plane, off the ground. At Bombardier Capital, we offer creative and flexible financing programs for a wide range of pre-owned business aircraft. And our quick turnaround time will have you flying in no time.”

The second ad in the series shows a house with a runway for a driveway; the third shows a garage designed to accommodate an airplane’s wings.

“We found out that once people decide to buy a plane, they become fixated by the idea,” said Bill Drew, creative director at the Burlington, Vt., agency. “We put the control tower on the house in order to exaggerate the point—[these people] would almost go as far as putting a control tower on their own house.”

The campaign is aimed at CEOs and CFOs of large companies, as well as companies’ flight divisions. Creative credits for the campaign include Bill Drew, copywriter; Seth Drury, art director; and Sean Hennessy, photographer.

KSV, which employs 40 people, has worked with Bombardier Capital for the past five years and has used “Stop daydreaming and start flying” and “If it’s on your mind, we can get it off the ground” as past taglines.