Keating Unites Tulane’s Medical Services

DALLAS Keating Magee’s $1 million image campaign for Tulane University Hospital and Clinic focuses on the client’s range of specialties and introduces its new tagline, “Minds that heal.”

Five 15-second television spots are meant to reinforce the hospital’s brand and unify its Centers of Excellence that include the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery, the Tulane Hospital for Children and the Tulane Cancer Center, the shop said. Each spot concentrates on a particular area of specialization.

The first spot opens with a shot of an iron lock. A voiceover begins, “If this was a complex medical problem … ” As a lone key appears, the camera suddenly zooms through the lock. The narration continues, ” … then this would be us.” The spot ends with two doctors dressed in scrubs examining a MRI film. The voiceover says, “Expert medical care from the minds that heal. Tulane University Hospital and Clinic.”

The second spot begins with a shot of a microscope and its shadow. As the voiceover says, “At the Tulane Cancer Center, we’re developing highly advanced, innovative treatments that are helping more patients successfully fight cancer,” the microscope shadow changes into a shadow of a person stretching his arms up in triumph. The spot ends with two doctors surrounding a patient as he undergoes treatment. The voiceover says, “Expert cancer care from the minds that heal. Tulane University Hospital and Clinic.”

The effort, which broke Monday, is the first from the New Orleans shop for the local 300-bed university hospital, whose account it won following a review in April.

The individual spots will run throughout the year in the New Orleans area. Print advertising in national papers and regional magazines will break late this summer, followed by radio and billboard messages.