Kawasaki Motorcycles: Let The Good Times Roll

AGENCY: Bozell/Los Angeles
CREATIVE TEAM: David Hale, Holly Hood, Bob Gerke
PRODUCER: Sandy Corbet
CLIENT: Kawasaki
Bozell’s Los Angeles office uses death-defying action in new TV commercials to capture the excitement of Kawasaki’s motorcycles.
In the print executions, the agency uses the word ‘Kawabunga,’ in a play on the down-under expression to utilize the first three letters of the client’s name. The TV voiceover also uses the word, but almost as a war cry before the action begins. In ‘Bridges,’ a motorcycle rider approaches a traffic jam at a toll booth. Instead of waiting with the herd, the biker ascends the suspension cables of the bridge, leading to a jump over a tower and a descent down the other side. Eventually the rider lands on a wide open section of road.
The print shows similar situations, with riders on cycles riding up the neck of a brontosaurus or upside down inside one of the arches of St. Louis.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)