Karsh & Hagan Campaign Backs Breashears’ IMAX Film Everest

Karsh & Hagan Communications has launched a seven-month ad campaign in Denver supporting the new IMAX film Everest.
The work, including TV, radio, print and outdoor ads, encourages people to visit The Denver Museum of National History’s IMAX theater, where the film opened on March 13.
The 43-minute documentary was shot by a group of climbers, led by David Breashears, as they scaled Mount Everest in 1996–a trip that happened to coincide with the famous ill-fated expedition led by Rob Hall.
“Everest on IMAX is breathtaking,” said Pocky Marranzino, K&H’s management supervisor. “When the aerial shots drop over the cliff, you actually feel like you’re dropping,”
A 30-second TV spot shows the film team embarking on its trek to the 29,028-foot summit, with the sound of Tibetan monks chanting in the background. The voiceover says, “Come see the triumph of those who have succeeded, and the terror of those who lost their lives during the most tragic day ever on Everest.”
Six different print ads play off the risk of the expedition. One headline reads, “You will pay for one bungled step with your life.”