In these uncertain times, everyone’s feeling a bit defensive.

Tiger Schulmann’s Karate, an Allentown, Pa.-based chain of karate schools, can help with that, according to three new spots by New York shop rotter•kantor.

The black-and-white commercials all bear the tag line, “I will defend my self.” Each focuses on a different demographic: kids, parents or adults.

“[The ads] are all about realism,” said co-chairman Steve Rotter. “The people in them are Tiger Schulmann students. They weren’t acting.”

All ads show kids and adults working out and doing daily activities. In the kids’ spot, voice overs state: “I will defend my self and my little brother,” and “I will defend myself against kids who are bigger than me.”

In the spot for adults, a woman states, “I will defend myself against guys who think ‘no’ means ‘yes.’ “

In the parents’ spot, a voiceover says, “My son will defend himself against peer pressure.”

The work broke in late March on network and cable in markets where Tiger Schulmann schools are located: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Florida.

Print and radio ads are forthcoming.

Rotter•kantor won the estimated $3 million business in January.

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