Kansas Golf Group Airs New Ads

Strains of “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” from the musical Oklahoma! accompany golfers and groundskeepers in the latest work for the Golf Course Superintendents Association.

The work for the client in Lawrence, Kan., is from Mullen, Wenham, Mass., and broke last week on The Golf Channel. Ads will run through September during various tournaments. Closing with the association’s established “Keeping it beautiful” tag, one 30-second spot is intended to draw nongolfers to the sport and promote awareness of the role superintendents play in keeping courses attractive and shaping the golf experience. Spending was not disclosed.

Michael Ancevic, associate creative director at Mullen, handled art direction, working with copywriter Steve Mietelski.

Golfers may not appreciate the role superintendents play in crafting an aesthetically pleasing, stress-free environment, a problem Mullen’s campaign seeks to remedy, Ancevic said.

In using “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” Ancevic and Mietelski also wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a simpler time and depict the grounds crew as a well-orchestrated team. “We tried to capture the simplicity and purity of the 1940s and 1950s,” Ancevic said.