Just Say No

Despite the widely reported drop in pregnancy among teens nationwide, Arizona’s Health Department is launching a new public service campaign targeting that group.
The work, created by Phoenix-based Cooley Advertising and Public Relations, attempts
to lower the state’s comparatively high teen pregnancy rate.
The $3.5 million campaign uses print, outdoor and TV ads to encourage teens to abstain from premarital sex. The tagline is, “Abstinence before marriage.”
In one spot, a young man primps in front of a mirror in preparation for a sexual encounter. But he soon discovers his mate is reading a book on how to broach the subject of sexually transmitted disease.
Agency CEO Todd Cooley said the TV ads, including the one described, are “extremely tame compared to the opposite message [teens are] being bombarded with on TV and in movies–that sex sells.”
The state’s teen pregnancy rate has declined at a slower rate (down 14 percent) over the past decade than the national rate (down 17 percent).
–David Lipi