Just Asking

“If you had to create an annual industry conference, what would you call it? What would its focus be?”

“Creativnology” . . . It would be called that because I believe the future of the industry is about the combination of creative technologists and tech-savvy creatives working together, both driven by great ideas. —Cindy Gallop, chairman, Americas, The Talent Business, New York

“Trading Up: How Everyday Brands Are Redefining Luxury.” It’s not about price, it’s about perception and value. And creating a sense of cachet. Lots of brands are doing it successfully already—think H&M, Olay, Target, Starbucks, even Hershey’s. It’s a trend that’s not going to go away anytime soon. —Lynn Power, evp, ArnoldEleven, New York

There is a fascinating topic being discussed [about] how ideas should drive the media, rather than the media driving content. And cracking that is not easy. —Ann Mukherjee, vp, marketing, North America, Frito-Lay, Chicago

In this on-demand world, consumers are choosing to opt in or out of advertising. I would like to see a conference with leading media owners and visionary advertisers [discussing] how they are really getting to the hearts and minds of today’s sophisticated consumers. —Barry Frey, svp, advanced platforms, Cablevision, New York

Maybe there are too many conferences now and not enough action. I’m not sure I would start one. —Keith Reinhard, chairman emeritus, DDB, and president, Business for Diplomatic Action, New York

The “Why Are We Still Doing THAT?!” conference, where the industry gets together, identifies and slays all of its dated, damaging and constricting sacred cows. —Beau Fraser, managing director, The Gate Worldwide, New York