Just Asking

‘What’s surprised you about the year in advertising so far—and what do you expect for the rest of ’07?’

We saw publishers and broadcasters fearful of emerging media technologies and the control they gave to consumers. [Then] a number of them . . . put their content online and [on] different channels. And they’re finding a way to monetize it. —Coleen Kuehn, evp, chief strategist, MPG, New York

MySpace turned into a playground for online predators and not marketers—not that they’re easy to tell apart. . . . Entire agencies suffering from iPhone finger. The first joint in the index finger breaks down and no one will be able to use Gaussian blur in Photoshop. —Tim Abare, co-cd, Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver

What’s surprising is how quickly social media has changed the industry. Marketers now ignore this communications channel at their own peril. I expect it will only become more important as time goes on. —Tony Priore, CMO, Biz360, San Mateo, Calif.

Sex still sells. Amazing. Only yesterday I saw a stripping mom selling Peri Peri Chicken. So I expect to see more of it and I’m understandably conflicted about the prospect. —Phil Smith, president, Boone/Oakley, Charlotte, N.C.

The upfront. Dollars are pouring back into broadcast, when many thought TV was heading to eight-track land. As we look for ideas across all channels, TV becomes the retro-cool medium. —John Gerzema, chief insights officer, Young & Rubicam, New York

A digital execution won at Cannes. . . . I’m anticipating the killer mobile execution that gets people to understand its platform. —John Paulson, president, G2 Interactive, New York

I’m surprised that it has been so busy. All the predictions have been grim, but new business activity has been very active. —Morgan Shorey, CMO, Merkley + Partners, New York