Just Asking

We asked industry execs to come up with a name for the planned online video channel from NBCU and News Corp.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short. I would rather see them use their collective brain power to come up with a new platform to monetize the digital audience as opposed to playing copycat. —John Paulson, president, North America, G2 Interactive, New York

Videyou. Or make it more of a community and call it Videus. —Paul Tilley, gm, creative, DDB, Chicago

The key factor in the name, assuming there is some explanatory function to it, is to illustrate that the content is high quality, professionally made and legal. How about tv.tv? —Teddy Lynn, svp, branded entertainment, Arnold, Boston

I would call it Old Tube. I don’t see the inventiveness of taking content that’s been formatted for broadcast and posting it up as broadband. —Doug Scott, executive director, branded content and entertainment, Ogilvy & Mather, New York

How about Knockoff.org? —Ben Lerer, founder, Thrillist.com, New York

We’ve Got Lots of Video Content and We’re Going to Use It. [It’s] a long-winded name and a branding nightmare, but they can shorten it to WGLVCWGUI. —Kevin Arthur, evp, Firstborn Multimedia, New York

Nube Tube. —Ellen Marett, advertising sales director, PopCap Games, Seattle

I’d call it HugeTube. . . . This structure will appeal to advertisers, but it doesn’t embrace the creativity of consumers, which is what has made YouTube so popular. —Pete Lerma, principal, Click Here, Dallas

Watch Me. —Nique Fajors, vp, sales and marketing, Atari, New York

I think they should probably ask someone younger, smarter and more clever than me. —John Brody, svp, corporate sales and marketing, MLB Properties, New York