Just Asking

It is the big ideas that will engage and inspire our customers. The closer we can work together from the outset, strategically, creatively, executionally, the best chance we have to ‘crack the code’ and come up with something breathtaking and effective. The proliferation of media choices makes it impossible to have two separate development paths and fully leverage a client’s communication budget. It is far more likely in the future that not only will creative and media planning be in the same place, but it could well be the same person or team: a copywriter, a media ‘pathfinder’ and art director. —Tony O’Haire, managing partner, Ames Scullin O’Haire, Atlanta

New media opportunities—and the truly innovative creative they inspire—are being created at an amazing rate. Big ideas will die prematurely if media and creative aren’t working together to get an idea from ‘impossible’ or ‘expensive’ or ‘unrealistic’ to ‘let’s find out if we can make this happen.’ The right hand needs to know what the left is doing if they want to do something together. Media needs to be an ingredient rather than a topping. . . . At its best, you look at the work and [say], ‘I can’t tell who does what.’ Everything is just baked in together. If an agency can only achieve [creative-media collaboration] by bringing both parties together under one roof, then it’s probably time to start redrawing the floor plans and put up some new cubes.