Just Asking

An ad for Visit London live onstage in New York. A woman in the audience gets a call on her cell from her daughter (onstage). She spends the next two minutes waxing lyrical about London. The target audience was right—theatergoers in New York—but the idea and execution was lame. However, with the right idea and product placement, it could be great. —I loved the “Catch a G6” promotion at Pontiac.

Asking people to photograph the car on their cell phone and e-mail it to Pontiac made people study the car, communicate with Pontiac, and showed that Pontiac was hip to the way young people are communicating. It was also smart from a cost perspective—the customer produced the ad for us!

The Adicolor campaign by Adidas. … It involved people through video podcasts, pop-up experiences and interactive wild postings whose designs became an expression of people’s own art and the brand. —

This year’s episodes of The Apprentice were very smart—once they got rid of Martha, that is. … The use of the program as a vehicle for corporate advertisers is an intelligent blend of entertainment and advertising. OK, that and the fact they chose to cameo my partner, Roy Spence, on an episode that featured our client, Norwegian Cruise Line. —

To launch the Discovery Channel’s I Shouldn’t Be Alive, we used media that encouraged viewers to make choices about survival that put them in the action of the show. Sample feature: an interactive text-message survival contest in partnership with iphish.