Just Asking

To continue our quest for complete world domination and the perfect chicken burrito. —Andy Gutowski, partner, cd, Object 9, Baton Rouge, La.

My resolution is to exercise more, but this morning all I did was shovel snow. I don’t know if that counts. To try and book a once-a-week massage. So far, I have. I’m going to try very hard. My New Year’s resolution is to start smoking and gain 15 pounds. I am sticking to it. I’ve already bought my first carton of Camel non-filters, and I’ve started super-sizing all of my meals. As always, to work out more, eat right, train for the Boston Marathon. No. Nothing for 2006—I still haven’t finished last year’s. My New Year’s resolution is to overcome my addiction to GarageBand on my Apple G5. So far, failing miserably. My New Year’s resolution is to lose 20 pounds and get into that dress I wore to my high school prom. So far, so good. I’ve lost 10 pounds in three days. I didn’t set one because, quite frankly, I don’t stick to them.