Just Asking

Sometimes I’d love to be able to hit them over the head with one of those incredibly smart and eloquent Bill Bernbach quotes, chosen to match the occasion, such as, “Logic and overanalysis can immobilize and sterilize an idea,” or, “Don’t confuse good taste with the absence of taste,” or, “There is practically nothing that is not capable of boring us.” Then I’d button my gray flannel jacket and exit amid awestruck silence.

I’m smarter than I look—stop staring at me.

I’m not afraid to say anything to clients. They pay me because I tell them the truth, and sometimes it’s hard, but I’m not afraid to say anything.

A lot of times when we do a commercial that is a bit quiet, there’s always a client who asks, ‘What if somebody is in the other room?’ I’ve always wanted to say, ‘I think they are going to miss it.’

That skirt’s not working.

Since I know that none of my clients will ever read this: Pay us more. How about that?

There is absolutely nothing I would like to tell a client that I won’t. Except maybe how wonderful they are as clients because our clients are truly wonderful to work with, you know? And if I told them that every time I might like to, well, it would take up my whole day every day.