Just Asking

‘What’s your New Year’s resolution and have you already broken it?’

My new year’s resolution is to be a happier, healthier person and, yes, I’ve already broken it. —Eric Silver, executive creative director, BBDO in New York

To have a meaningful relationship with something other than my iPod. It’s probably the one thing I spend the most time with, probably even more than I do with my wife. That resolution might still actually come true. —Stephen Gates, interactive associate creative director, TM Advertising in Irving, Texas

Live in the moment. I must say that I have not broken it yet, but it’s early. —Paul Lavoie, chairman and chief creative officer, Taxi in New York and Toronto

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think U2 said it best: “Nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” But in the haze of champagne, a few possible resolutions popped into my head anyway: First, quit smoking. Second, reinvent the advertising industry. As I’m smoking a cigarette while writing these lines, the first obviously didn’t pan out. I still have high hopes for the second.” —Lars Bastholm, executive creative director, AKQA in New York

2005 is going to be the year I do nothing but talk about [Wieden art director] Bobby Hershfield. Here’s a guy who’s done both 15- and 30-second TV spots, yet he’s never been compared to Bill Bernbach or roasted by his peers at a VCU-sponsored tribute dinner. It’s unacceptable. —Kevin Proudfoot, co-executive creative director, Wieden + Kennedy in New York

To rededicate myself to the business and to give it the kind of focus, energy and enthusiasm I once did as a young professional. [I haven’t broken it yet but] check with me in two weeks when I get back from my vacation.” —Tim Fisher, executive creative director, Fry Hammond Barr, Orlando, Fla.