Just Asking

The only blogger I really pay any attention to is Michael McAllister (www.dogpoet.com). He attends the graduate program for writing at Columbia. He is quite an adept storyteller, and I am often touched by the sincerity and openness of his prose. —Robert Hodgin, co-founder, cd, The Barbarian Group in Boston

Richard Ting maintains a blog called Flytip.com. Postings are related to advertising in general, the Internet in general, design, mobility, mobile technology, gaming. It has a more personal voice than media-operated blogs. —Rei Inamoto, global cd, AKQA in New York

Defamer [a blogger chronicling celebrity culture]. Why? They had it coming. —Ernest Lupinacci, partner, Anomaly in New York

TravelBlog.com. ISM specializes in premium travel-leisure brands, and I like to check in with actual travelers reporting from around the world to counterbalance the hype. Contrary to what Americans are being fed, the vast majority of the world doesn’t hate us. —Bob Minihan, ecd, ISM in Boston

Bloggers’ independence allows them to promote musical programs they like without any financial interests—a freedom radio stations used to have 25 years ago. The blog of Olivier Wang, aka dj O-dub [for example], provides unique content, very pure, totally free of influential trends of the moment (www.o-dub.com/soulsides). —Fred & Farid, cds, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco

There’s a blog from a guy [Jay Maynard] who created his own Tron suit [www.ibiblio.org/ jmaynard/TRONcostume/]. He’s a guy who manufactured from the movie Tron a Tron suit to spec. It’s fully functional. But then you gotta ask yourself, in his world, what else is functional? —David Damman, cd, Fallon in New York