junk man

Even if it’s just a cheap pen, agency giveaways usually have some value. However, that was not the case with the handouts used in a recent ploy by Ross Creative + Strategy in Peoria, Ill.

To promote client OfficeRedi’s purported cutting-edge office-supply methodology, the agency collected about 2,600 items deemed totally obsolete and useless: 45-rpm records, 8-track tapes and Atari 2600 game cartridges.

“We called every head shop and pawn shop in the area. We also used eBay,” said creative director Nick Jibben.

Some items in the collection—such as a Bachman Turner Overdrive 8-track tape—had obviously spent the better part of the last couple of decades in someone’s dusty attic.

Stickers were placed on every item, reading “Don’t become a relic of the past. Demand management. Get it or get left behind.”

The outdated paraphernalia was foisted upon attendees of the International Supply Chain Conference in San Francisco. Jibben said the client received the attention that it sought.

“We definitely got the most notice,” he said.