Jordan Returns to Gatorade

CHICAGO–Michael Jordan, absent from Gatorade’s TV lineup for three years, returns on New Year’s Day with a spot that uses digital technology to show him in three phases of his career.

The commercial from Element 79 Partners here shows Jordan being challenged to a game of one-on-one by himself circa 1987 when he was still with the Chicago Bulls. At the end of the spot, Jordan as a University of North Carolina player attempts to join the game.

The spot was directed by Joe Pytka and used technology provided by Digital Domain.

Two versions of the spot, 60-second and 30-second, will air during college bowl game telecasts on Jan. 1.

Jordan has pitched Gatorade, owned by Quaker Oats Co., since 1991. His most recent spots, the last of which broke three years ago, showed him competing in various athletic contests against female soccer star Mia Hamm.