Jordan Is ‘Fresh’ for CD Retailer

Jordan Associates of Oklahoma City has picked up the $1 million-plus advertising assignment of CD Warehouse, a fast-growing chain of 340 new and used compact disc stores across the country.
Jordan was chosen over a select number of undisclosed finalists, which hailed from Oklahoma City, Dallas and Austin, Texas, according to Jim Lee, client vice president of interactive marketing. CD Warehouse is headquartered in the Oklahoma capital.
The shop’s initial work includes both print and radio advertising debuting this week–the client’s first major branding campaign that will be utilized on a local basis by CD Warehouse franchisees and company-owned stores. The firm also operates stores under the Disc Go Round banner.
Lee said Jordan fit the bill because of its experience in multimarket retail co-ops, such as Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants. Jordan unveiled its work at a recent franchisee meeting in Oklahoma City, promoting CD Warehouse’s “constantly fresh” inventory of new products from customer trade-ins.
Research group studies show CD Warehouse customers “say it’s like a new store every time they visit,” said Lee.
The print work throughout the year will feature a chameleon, denoting the constant change available among the store’s music, DVD and video selections. The print and radio tag will be: “You never know what’s gonna turn up.”
Radio will introduce characters–likely to draw the ire of mental health specialists–called “Schizo-Man” and “Schizo-Woman.” They “show that CD Warehouse is almost like a store with a multiple personality,” according to an agency statement. Jordan officials did not return calls.
The budget is being determined. Total spending will depend on the amount of marketing by store owners in their local markets. CD Warehouse, which went public in 1997, had $15.3 million in 1998 sales.