Jordan Brand Hopes Campaign Will ‘Become Legendary’

Jordan Brand will launch new TV ads this weekend continuing its “Become Legendary” rallying cry. Eyeing the success its parent company Nike has had with “Just do it,” Jordan Brand has pledged to make a long-term commitment to the marketing message which debuted last year.

The first of three new national ads, called “Simple Math” breaks on Dec. 7. It focuses on what it takes to be a successful college football team, namely hard work and relentless training.

“We’re picking important topics within the sports and culture for the brand to comment on,” said Justin Burke, brand manager for Jordan Brand. Other ads focus on field generals and the idea of leaving your mark.

Team Jordan athletes Chris Paul, Richard “Rip” Hamilton and Carmelo Anthony star in the campaign which includes a series of motivational print ads. Earlier this month it announced the upcoming launch of Anthony’s new Jordan Melo M5 shoe.

The “Become Legendary” tagline and its theme of inspiring people to exceed their own potential will be the focus of the brand “for a long time to come,” said Burke. “We will build a foundation around that and invest it with meaning.”

Nike’s agency Wieden + Kennedy, New York, created the campaign. Nike spent $21 million behind the brand for the first nine months of the year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The company saw its overall revenue grow 17 percent to $5.4 billion for its fiscal first quarter 2009, which ended Aug. 31. It did not break out Jordan Brand sales separately.

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