Jolt, Re-Caffeinated

NEW YORK It’s been 20 years since Jolt was the talk of the beverage industry as the over-caffeinated cola drink favored by college students and others who kept late hours.

Since then, Red Bull has emerged as a popular “energy drink” among the same consumer target.

Now Jolt, owned by Wet Planet Beverages of Rochester, N.Y., and available in various flavors, is planning a comeback. This week the brand named its first lead creative agency: Omnicom Group-backed Colangelo Synergy Marketing in Darien, Conn.

The revived brand has de-emphasized its cola roots and goes by the name Jolt Energy. The line “Jolt up” is used on its Web site and in marketing materials.

In addition to advertising, expected to break in June, Colangelo will also be responsible for point-of-sale, online and promotions efforts.

Sources said Jolt would likely back its marketing efforts with spending comparable to that of Red Bull. According to TNS Media Intelligence, U.S. media spending for Red Bull in 2006 was $50 million.

“We know Colangelo understands our brand and where we want to take it. This agency has a terrific team of integrated marketers who we have no doubt will get the job done,” said Wet Planet CEO C.J. Rapp, in a statement.

Colangelo’s marketing director, Marke Rubenstein, said, “[Jolt] was the first truly energized beverage on the scene, and we have this rare opportunity to market it to a broad audience for the first time.”

The agency has handled online and offline efforts for Altoids, Fram, Guinness, Schick and Smirnoff, among others.

MSM Interactive designed Jolt’s Web site,, and remains on the client’s roster.