Job Satisfaction

A Los Angeles worker is a happy worker. In polling by Digital Marketing Services via AOL’s OpinionPlace Internet site, 71.1 percent of employed Angelenos said they’re “thrilled” or “happy” in their jobs. Other happy-worker hotbeds: San Francisco (69.3 percent), Boston (67.5 percent), Kansas City (66.8 percent) and Houston (66 percent). If you want to find “unhappy” or “miserable” workers, head to Denver, where a league-leading 16.8 percent of workers described themselves that way. Also high in the woeful-worker standings: Atlanta (15.9 percent unhappy or miserable), Charlotte, N.C. (14.9 percent), Dallas (14.9 percent) and Cleveland (14.5 percent). On the whole, though, workers are a jolly bunch. For the 22 cities included in the poll, the average thrilled-or-happy tally was 62.9 percent; the average unhappy-or-miserable vote was 11 percent.

The poll, conducted in January and February, also asked the 5,086 respondents to judge their bosses. Workers in Boston were most likely to say they’re “very happy” with their boss (50 percent said so), followed by Phoenix, Ariz.; Tampa, Fla.; and Seattle. The chart below shows the opposite end of that spectrum.