J.J. Watt Creates Immediate Buzz for Reebok With a DIY Video

The NFL player's 'box jump' clip already has 2 million views

J.J. Watt, the Houston Texan and NFL defensive player of the year, has signed an agreement with Reebok to make the shoes he'll wear on the field. What's interesting is Reebok doesn't have the right to place its logo on an NFL gridiron, so Watt will perform this fall in, for all intents and purposes, an unbranded football cleat. 

Reebok's parent company, Adidas, has a deal with the NFL that allows endorsers to wear its logo on the field, but Reebok does not. While terms of the Watts-Reebok deal were not disclosed, it appears the brand is already getting a good bang for its buck. 

On Monday, Watt announced the partnership on social media in fairly dramatic fashion, with an impressive video of him breaking his personal record in the box jump. As seen in the video below, he jumped atop a 5-foot, 1-inch box using Reebok's ZPump Fusion training sneakers.

And then he plugged the shoe after achieving the feat. It hardly could have been scripted better. The vertically formatted clip was essentially homemade, shot with a smartphone.

At press time, nearly 152,000 people had watched the 30-second video on YouTube, and the clip exploded on Facebook with 2 million views.

Check it out: