NEW YORK–Johnson & Johnson will launch a TV ad campaign to introduce Reach Wondergrip to" data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "yes" data-auth = "content-auth: f2" >

J&J readies dental products blowout — Three-Pronged Johnson & Johnson Summer Promotion Will Target Kids By Judith S. Riddl

NEW YORK–Johnson & Johnson will launch a TV ad campaign to introduce Reach Wondergrip to

Reach toothbrushes were backed by $16.6 million in measured media spending last year, according to LNA/ Arbitron. Ad spending for the Reach toothbrushes for children weren’t disclosed. McCannErickson, N.Y. will handle the advertising.
The trio of products will be featured in a nationally distributed introductory FSI in August with 30-cents-off and 50-centsoff coupons. The introductory offer will also apply to all Johnson & Johnson dental floss, Reach toothbrushes and anti-cavity treatments.,
The new dental floss brand is coated With natural baking soda–an ingredient credited with reviving the toothpaste category–and is available in the 50-yard length. In the $110.4 million dental floss category, Johnson & Johnson has a 44.6% market share in food and drug stores for the 12 month period ended March 1993, according to market research firm Towne-Oller, an Information Resources unit. Oral B has a 7.6% share; Butler Interdental, 7.1%; Stimudent, 3.8%, and Dentek, 3.5%.
The Reach Wondergrip toothbrush for children stands up on counter tops and is designed with rubber thumb grips to teach children proper brushing techniques. It comes in five neon colors and is being positioned as a fun and easy way to clean hard-to-reach places. Reach toothbrushes held a 19% share of the $379.8 million toothbrush category for the 12 months ended March 1993.
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