Jiffy Lube: We’re on It

McCarthy Mambro Ber tino next week will debut a campaign for Jiffy Lube that humorously shows how little some consumers know about their cars.

The work, slated to run nationally, includes four spots from the Boston-based shop. One shows two thirtysomething men checking under a car’s hood. One asks the other what he’s looking for; the reply: “Dipstick.” The pair continue to stare until the first man asks how long the other has been looking. “A while,” is the response. At the end, the two men are still searching as one munches on a sandwich.

Another spot shows a young couple in their driveway. The man is trying unsuccessfully to pop open the hood. Finally, he triumphantly yells, “Got it!”—but he has popped open the gas cap instead of the hood.

An additional commercial shows a boy and his mother trying to figure out what a greasy-looking spot in the drive way means. “Not everyone knows cars, and that’s OK, because they know about the pros” at Jiffy Lube, a voiceover says.

“The new campaign shows consumers who aren’t do-it-yourselfers how Jiffy Lube can benefit their lives,” said Mark Moll, associate creative director at MMB.

The effort retains the tagline, “The well-oiled machine,” that the shop introduced last year. The 2001 campaign—MMB’s first for the client—included a spot that showed Jiffy Lube workers moving in rhythm to a pulsating beat, conveying the company’s efficiency and expertise.

The spots will roll out first on ESPN. Print and radio ads are also in the mix. Houston-based Jiffy Lube spends about $20 million annually on ads, according to CMR.