Jet Set Soars on PSP Price Cut

NEW YORK TBWA\Chiat\Day this weekend launched a new campaign for Sony’s PlayStation Portable that emphasizes the recent price cut on the videogame system.

The first of seven spots focuses on an overly enthusiastic passenger on an airplane who covets his neighbor’s PSP. As the PSP owner plays his game, his neighbor seems to almost play along, yelling out encouragements and timely advice such as use the “cluster bomb, cluster bomb!”

Other spots focus on the neighbor’s attempts to listen to the other man’s music, watch his movies and suggestions of cheat codes he should use.

The ads follows Sony’s PSP price cut from $199.99 to $169.99 in April.

“The portability can be a blessing and curse. The blessing is that you can take it anywhere and the curse is that someone can borrow it,” said John Koller, senior marketing manager for PSP. “The biggest push for us was portability and the price messaging and not layering on any other type of other messages.”

The first spot will be seen on programs such as Comedy Central’s South Park, NBC’s Saturday Night Live and Fox’s Mad TV. The other six will be available on Sony’s PlayStation Portable Web site. Sony is also considering airing the ads on the giant PSP billboards in New York and Las Vegas whose screens show moving images as well as inside videogame retailers.

“The thing with the campaign is that it is an organic message based on a hard truth. People who have a PSP can relate and people who don’t can relate because they’ve done it,” said Nick Davidge, creative director at TBWA\C\D in Marina del Rey, Calif.