Jerzees Brings Out People’s Inner Athlete

ATLANTA Everyday people get in touch with their inner athlete in Huey/Paprocki’s latest advertising for Russell Corp.’s Jerzees brand.

The Atlanta shop’s “Made to play” campaign includes print, out-of-home and radio spots, sources said. Three print executions will run nationally in markets such as Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and Minneapolis.

“Bullrider” features a father playing with his young son. A shadow on the wall portrays the two as a bull and matador. In “Cyclists,” a mother and son ride along as a shadow shows professional bicyclists outfitted accordingly. A third ad, “Basketball,” uses an image of a man dressed conservatively, making a lay-up. His shadow is that of an athlete in the client’s activewear, slam-dunking the basketball. Each of the ads features the line, “We fit what’s inside.”

Agency creative director Ron Huey said the goal of the campaign was to “tap into consumers’ aspirational side.” The new effort, which replaces product-based promotional ads of the past, will showcase Jerzees’ revised corporate identity.

“Our target audience is not hard-core athletes,” Huey added. “They are representative of those with a passion for play.”

The campaign launches next week with print ads running in Parade magazine and on bus tails and shelters as well as billboards. Radio spots will air in 11 national markets, featuring “everyday guys” imagining themselves as skilled athletes, sources said.

Campaign spending was undisclosed.