J.C. PenneyPuts ArizonaTask Out There

J.C. Penney, looking for a “fresh approach” to its “capricious” customers, is holding a review for Temerlin McClain’s ad duties on the Arizona Jean Co. brand, which is backed by an estimated $20 million.
The review for creative, media planning and print buying chores does not affect the client’s overall account, split between Temerlin and TeleVest, New York (its broadcast media buyer), which bills in excess of $300 million, said client representative Theda Page Whitehead. A short list of undisclosed shops has been selected and a decision is expected by Jan. 1. Temerlin, Irving, Texas, will not be competing.
“This does not signal a major change in our relationship with Temerlin McClain. They have been our agency of record for [seven] years. We are very excited about our upcoming holiday creative produced by Temerlin,” the client said in a statement.
Temerlin’s last work for Arizona featured teens complaining about fashion ad clichƒs, and used such lines as, “Just show us the jeans.” The ads ended with J.C. Penney’s umbrella tag: “I love your style.”
Driving the review for a new agency is J.C. Penney’s desire to differentiate its private label brands from those such as Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s Canyon River Blues. “A new agency should provide a fresh approach to the capricious customer we target,” the client said.
The review comes amid a slump for the retailer, which has closed 75 stores and cut 5,000 jobs. Third-quarter sales were down 3 percent compared with last year.
Executives at Temerlin could not be reached. –with Sloane Lucas