J.C. Penney To Pull Ads

PLANO, Texas — J.C. Penney Co. says it will pull a television commercial that show a mother helping her daughter dress more provocatively.

The ad, timed for back-to-school sales, had been running nationwide for about a week, promoting a popular style of hip-hugging jeans often worn with a bare midriff.

The commercial showed a teen-age girl trying on low-cut jeans only to be interrupted by her mother.

“You’re not going to school dressed like that, are you?” the woman asked.

Then the mother tugged the jeans down lower on the girl’s hips to show how they should be worn.

The commercial drew complaints to the retailer and on syndicated radio talk shows.

“After much consideration, J.C. Penney had decided to pull the commercial,” Penney (JCP) spokesman Tim Lyons said.

The move came just a week after the department-store chain pulled a T-shirt from its shelves after getting complaints from shoppers. The shirt showed a rundown mobile home and the words “Home Skooled.”

Parents of home-schooled children complained that the shirt ridiculed their families.

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