It’s hard for today’s young folks to vent therebelliousness that is endemic to youth. With so few traditional taboos still standing, it’s not easy to find one worth flouting. Happily, municipal noise ordinances remain in effect, and a JBL Soundgear system has enough power to make you an outlaw when you crank up the volume. Maybe it’s not as wild as joining the Weather Underground, but at least you won’t be a rebel without a sub-woofer. While assuring readers about the quantity of sound this ‘”minisystem” can produce, the ad says nothing about its quality. That’s fine, though, since people are going to listen at the store and form their own judgments. It’s not like advertising a product (canned peaches, say) that customers must buy without first tasting a sample. Under the circumstances, rhapsodic copy about Soundgear’s quality would just muddle the brash sensibility the ad wishes to convey. Agency

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