Jazzing Up A Conference

Faced with the challenge of luring surgeons to a trade show booth, Devine & Pearson prescribed a little music for client Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics.
Compiled by the Quincy, Mass.-based agency, a compact disc called The Hip Joints of New Orleans awaited attendees at the 65th annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in New Orleans.
Inside the case of the CD, produced with the help of New Orleans public radio station WWOZ, are listings of “hip joints” that feature jazz music, along with details of the Raynham, Mass.-based client’s latest offerings.
Creative director John Pearson–a jazz aficionado and longtime saxophone player–dreamed up the idea, according to Devine & Pearson senior vice president Tom Devine. “It’s not easy to get surgeons into a booth. They’re bright, busy people at the top of the medical food chain,” he said.
The lure of the free tunes worked: All 5,000 copies were gone within two days. Sweet music, indeed. –Sarah Jones